Legacy’s Future: Update!!

October 26, 2011

Okay, so sometime a while back, I got bored of just the base game as there really wasn’t much for me to do to develop the story.  I got bored and was waiting for the World Adventures update to go ahead and start my legacy back up.  I had some pretty cool plans for my story to progress with some of the content.

Well… I lost my legacy’s save files way back when the game corrupted while trying to update.  I ended up not going through the steps to recover it because I was frustrated with the game and EA, long story.  Basically, I ended up not wanting to restart my Legacy because it was going to be tedious trying to replay it to my satisfaction and I still didn’t find there was much to do other than the occasional vacation on top of the base game.

Several expansions later, I am once again getting the itch to re-start my legacy and bring it to the full glory that it was meant to become.  I am still not a 100% sure that I will be starting over, but it is looking far more likely than it has in the past.  Currently, I am working on an unplayed version of Sunset Valley to spice up a few of the areas around town and to bring in more expansion content.  I am hoping this will improve overall gameplay and give me more opportunities for different things and focuses to include in my possible upcoming legacy.

If I do indeed do this it will be with a focus on the story and not so much on the legacy challenge itself.  I feel that the rules were often too restrictive as in they take up too much time driving for the points instead of focusing on dynamics of the family, don’t encourage characters with flaws and only offered limited story arcs for conflict.  However, I will still be playing without cheats and doing at least several generations to still qualify as a legacy.  There will not be tracking of achievement points, thus affording me some certain allowances which were not available before due to the challenge’s rules.  It will be a legacy story instead of a challenge, basically.

I will let you all know here soon, hopefully, what I will be doing and if I shall be making a return.  I hope to, but am not sure what will be possible between my work, school and other factors in my life.  None the less, I hope to see you all soon, and please keep an eye on my blog if you like my writing style in my previous unfinished legacy and may be interested in a new one. Stay tuned!



“Will you be keeping an eye on my blog for the possible new legacy?  Please, let me know!”


McArches Legacy

June 24, 2009

Welcome to the McArches Legacy Story for the Sims 3.

To begin reading my legacy story, please click here: Prologue: Archie’s Origins

I am playing under Pinstar’s legacy challenge rules, with no optional rules other than storyteller.  Thank you for visiting, and enjoy :)



P.S.  The only cheat used is hideHeadlineEffects on/off for aesthetic purposes when it comes to screenshots, in case you were wondering where the plumbobs are.


December 16, 2011

I am currently awaiting to find out when I will be shipped off to Basic Training for the Air Force. Have a few more steps before I find out. When I am done enlisting, I will know for sure when I can start my Legacy story over.

Sorry for the wait, and thanks to all who are keeping an eye out on my blog!

Chapter 8: New and Old

August 3, 2009

It wouldn’t be very long before the first addition to the new McArches family and house came along.  In fact, it came so suddenly that it was a big surprise when the time came.

C8 Labor

There was a little panic at first, well actually a great deal of panic.  Though, everyone was able to come to their senses.  Well, almost.  As Zed was leaving with Kate to take her to the hospital, he started having an argument with absolutely no one.  She was left standing there, confused to what had suddenly flared up in her husband, and she was forced to give birth right there on the front lawn.

C8 Confusion

Zed’s and Rebekah’s first child was a son, which is what they both wanted.  His name was Mordred, and he had an interesting life ahead of him to say none the less.  Though, for now he would only have to worry about the things that babies have to worry about, and enjoy the love from the rest of the family.  Well, most of the family.  Every now and then his uncle Arthur would steal his candy before holding him and putting him back in his crib, it was a love-hate relationship.

It was in with the new, but it wouldn’t be much longer before it was out with the old.  The Grim Reaper made a visit upon the household one day while the brothers were at work.

C8 Mercy

The reaper told Archie that his time had finally come, and he would be coming with him now.  Though, the women watched in horror as Archie begged for even just a few more days time so that he could be there for his grandson’s first birthday.  The reaper of course took no pity and sent Archie’s soul off to wherever it is that a sim’s soul goes to rest.

Even though Archie had already been sent off, the reaper decided to stick around and enjoy the comforts of the home while he waited for the time to go claim his next victim.  He just sat there reading his newspaper on the couch, while everyone else’s hair stood on end.  The reaper seemed to sense that his presence was causing unease with his hosts, so he called Rebekah over.

C8 Waiting

When Rebekah got there, she just stood there trembling.  The reaper then told her that even though he had to take from them a dear family member of theirs, he could also give them something.  Knowledge.  For you see, apparently the reaper knows quite a bit about dental hygiene, and that’s what they talked about for the next half hour or so before he had to leave.  It was a strange encounter needless to say.

C8 Dental

But that didn’t ease the sorrow that was left with them all.  It would be days before they could even for a second stop thinking about the loss of the wonderful man who had given them everything. 

They hoped Archie was happy wherever it was that he was, and that hopefully he was with his love, Kate.  Though, life went on and they had their jobs to do.  They would make Archie proud.  Though, for now they would have to live on their lives in happiness, and someday they could rejoin him.  Goodbye for now Archie.

To be continued…

Chapter 7: Expanding

August 3, 2009

It wasn’t much longer before Arthur became an adult, and was he glad to finally be done with school.  Now he could focus on finding himself a career to make money, he liked money and luxury.  He was definitely going to enjoy doing his part of the Command of Scion.

C7 Following Ranks

Arthur got to talking to Zed about his job one day, and Arthur needed no  further convincing other than that to join.  In fact he was really excited and determined to be in the ranks amongst the criminals, much like a family away from home.  So the next time that Zed went to work, Arthur came with him and passed with flying colors the interview with the boss .  He was one of them now.

C7 Training

Arthur immediately began training at home on the treadmill that Zed had been using.  They both took their job seriously, as well as of course their training.

While Zed may have been the first to grow up and find himself a career, it would be Arthur who would be first to propose to a girl.  Her name was Regina, a handy worker who had caught his eye when she came to fix their dishwasher.

C7 Pleasure

Though, Zed also met a repair technician, and he too was succesful in securing an engagement.  Her name was Rebekah, and he would be the first of the two brothers to marry.  It would be important to create another generation of McArches, and now both brothers had that option open to them.

C7 RightBehind

The family was growing fast, and the current house would not be able to support its new additions.  Nor would it be able to accept the new children that would someday be running through its rooms, not without insanity anyway.

It would be that and the fact that they were getting sick and tired of the current house, that work on a large expansion along with redecorating would happen.   A good §20,000 later, the house would double in size, with the additions of a new kitchen, a master bedroom, another full bathroom, and a study area.  Not to mention the house was a lot nicer on the eyes than it had been previously.

C7 Renovations

There would be plenty of room and comfort for the current inhabitants and future ones until the time came for rebuilding arrived someday.  Though, one of the nicest features of the new house was a large kitchen with an island counter to act as a bar for eating.

C7 Kitchen

Even though the bar was a popular choice and inspired many to visit, it couldn’t help your pleasure if you were a terrible cook.   But with the exception of a few culinary tragedies, it would be one of the most enjoyable locations of the house.

However, even with five people living under its roof, the house would often be quiet.  Too quiet.  How much longer would it take before there were children running through its halls yelling and laughing?

Chapter 8 >>>

Chapter 6: Chain of Command

July 30, 2009

It was one day while Zed and Archie were sitting down for a small and quick lunch that Archie had some surprising news.  He explained that after Kate’s death he had been working on a project in secret.  He had finally finished it and was now ready to share it with the brothers.

C6 Family Secrets

That project was a book named the Command of Scion, a book that was to be passed down from generation to generation.  In fact the book was sitting right there on the table.  Archie further explained to Zed that the book was a collection of knowledge and instructions for future generations.  Also, by following the books guidelines the family would be able to use it as a stepping stone to build upon in order to achieve excellence.  Furthermore, the books existence and contents were to be a secret closely guarded by the family at all costs.

It was after Archie divulged about the book and its importance that he shared the next bit of news.  He was getting up in age and his time was almost upon him.  Therefore, it would be Zed who would take over the reins and lead the family in its next steps forward.  It would be up to him to look after his younger brother, to create another generation for the family, and to take council from the Command of Scion. 

That was a great moment for Zed, he would be boss now.  Though, a great burden was now placed on him as he now had large expectations to live up to.  But for now it would happen one step at a time, beginning with the brothers reading the curious book.

C6 Brothers Scion

As soon as copies of the book were given to them, they read in awe at what was contained within the pages .  Archie’s dream and plan envisioned was both grandeur and arduous.  Yet, it all made sense and left the brothers with a sense of purpose and pride.  How had Archie come up with this master plan?

Their task ahead of them it turned out would be a straight forward one.  The duty left to them was to build up a wealth that would be required for the future endeavors given by the book.  Though, that didn’t mean that their charge was any less important, in fact it was the most important because it served as a foundation for everything else.  The brothers were next in the chain of command, and their time was now.

Though, this left Zed in an interesting predicament.  He had just finished school and would need to find a way to start acquiring the money, and he still had no idea how to go about it.  He was very athletic, but he never could keep his head in the game and knew he wouldn’t be able to thrive and become a star athlete.  He knew he definitely wasn’t meant for the sit in an office kind of job, so what did that leave him?  It was time to start searching around.

C6 Zed Career

Finally, Zed found an ad to help work on and restore an old warehouse.  It also promised that there would be a partnership in the business afterwords.  He was a little doubtful, but he figured he would go and check it out.  This could be the opportunity that he was looking for.

When he arrived, it wasn’t quite at all what he was expecting.  It took Zed a while to locate the rear entrance, and when he got inside he was surprised.  It turned out that the business wasn’t exactly legit and had a lot of underhanded deals.  However, if he were to join ranks and prove his worth, there was definitely a large amount of wealth that could be acquired for the determined individual.

At first Zed was resistant to the offer, but they saw great potential in him and assured him that he wouldn’t have to hurt anyone.  After some consideration and a lack of better alternatives, he decided that he would join their ranks.  It probably wasn’t what Archie had in mind exactly, but it would work.

C6 Visit

That night while Zed was sleeping, the ghost of his mother came to visit him.  She looked upon his sleeping figure saddened at what he had signed up for.  Though, she knew he meant well and left his side wishing the best for him.

C6 History

Meanwhile, Arthur was out at the community cemetary.  His purpose there was to look for the markings of other great families of their time to research later.  He figured by understanding the previous greats, he might be able to further understand at how to achieve those things himself someday.  After taking a look around and finding what he needed, he stopped by an eerie looking statue on the way out.

C6 Reaper

It seemed as if the statue itself was the grim reaper himself, frozen in time and stone.  As if at any moment it might come alive and take with him the unfortunate soul that dare challenge him.  With this thought, Arthur gave a cold and twisted grin as he turned away to head back home.  After all, it was after curfew and he definitely didn’t want the police poking around into his business in the cemetary.  There was much work to be done still for the brothers.  What paths lay ahead of them, and will their futures be full of dark deeds?

Chapter 7 >>>

Chapter 5: First Departed

July 26, 2009

Atop the hilltop, the McArches house sat as quiet and peaceful as always.  All was well and everything was perfect, but that couldn’t last forever.

C5 Tranquility

Stormy clouds were arriving from over the horizon to loom over the McArches, casting a foreboding darkness over the family.  However, unlike the coast with its lighthouse atop the rocks, the McArches would have no guiding light.  They would just have to endure the best that they could.

The first troubling event was one day while Archie was playing in the park for some extra tips and entertaining his fans.  In the middle of his show came none other than the collector of souls, the Grim Reaper.

C5 Collector

Archie had never seen anyone pass away before, even though he had met the ghost of his grandfather when he was a child.  He watched in horror along with everyone else as the Reaper extended his spindly arm torwards the unfortunate guy, declaring his time had come.

Archie was left with the chills from just merely watching.  He definitely wasn’t looking forward to the day he himself would be having this inevitable meeting with the Reaper someday.

C5 Insane

However, as strong as the moment was, it would soon leave Archie’s mind.  He had other worries on his mind.  Sometimes, his oldest son could be heard talking to an unseen someone and sometimes even arguing.  Who could Zed possibly be arguing with, and was this just some strange part of teenage years?

The youngest son, Arthur, seemed to have grown into a fine enough teen, but sometimes he just made Archie feel uncomfortable.  What was it that was in Arthurs eyes? There was no way to describe it other than like a spark, but it left you feeling cold and vulnerable instead of warm. 

However, neither Archie or Kate had never seen anything that made them love either of their sons any less, and that was that.  Someday they would make them both proud.

C5 Captivation

It was a good thing that there was love among the family, because soon they would need it more than ever.  The darkest of the events was soon to come to passing.  The Grim Reaper would be visiting again, but this time it would be one of their own that he would be taking with him.

C5 Departure

Kate’s time came one day while Archie was out and the boys were in school.  She was alone as her soul was carried away by the Collector and unable to give one last farewell.  It would be when everyone started arriving home, that the mourning and pain would truly begin.

The hardest hit of course was Archie.  When he got home, he coped the best way that he knew how; music.  Archie played for hours on end, it was his final farewell to the love of his life.  Play and play he did as he poured his heart and soul into his music, trying to ward off the anguish.

C5 Agony

As his music played on, a strange thing happned.  It seemed as if the whole world was wailing with him as he wailed upon his strings.  First to join was the distant screaming sirens, then the far off crying wolves, next was the wind howling around the house.  Yes, they and all of the world was wailing along with Archie.  Wailing in anguish for the dear departed.

Kate’s ghost watched silently in sorrow at the pain her departure had caused the ones she loved.  Though, she knew that someday they would all be re-united, but for now she would have to count on that the love and joy they once shared would far outweigh the pain.  About that she was correct, they would each make their peace and life would slowly go back to as normal as it could be.

C5 Brothers

Time had ran out for their mother, and someday not too far off it would for their father too.  As for the brothers, manhood was just right around the corner.  It was then that they decided it was time to start talking more seriously about the next steps in their lives. 

Their time to shine was almost upon them.  Who would they become?  Would they leave this world with as much grace as had their mother?  Would they become great and larger than life like their father?  Would they achieve something else altogether?

Chapter 6 >>>

Chapter 4: Tides of Time

July 14, 2009

It seemed just like yesterday to Archie, that he was just sleeping on the bench in the park.  Though, he now had a wife, two sons, and a home to shelter them all.

He had done all of this, and he was quite pleased with himself.  Even though things were a lot better, Archie knew he still had a ways to go to fully accomplish his dreams.  The new additions to the house couldn’t be considered grand or majestic, but it was another step forward.


However, Archie decided that before he went about acquiring more in life, he would secure that which he already had.  He definitely didn’t want to worry about some burglar breaking in and harming his kids.  He decided it was time to invest some money in an alarm for the house.  While it wasn’t cheap, he knew it would definitely be worth the investment to protect his beloved family and all that he worked to achieve.


When he had it installed, he quickly set to work on learning how to use it.  It was then that he felt better about the security of his and his family’s future. 


Though, one night while walking around his home making sure everything was secured, he looked in an saw Zed playing with his favorite bear.  That was Zed’s favorite toy, but it was his only real toy.  With this in mind, Archie couldn’t help but frown, and it was then he resolved that he would try and to provide better things for his family.


Archie would often stay up late at the theatre, playing for as long as he could in hopes to scrape those extra tips from the people passing by.  While he was popular, he was still a ways off from being famous, but this was the best way in his mind to make a living.  He knew someday he would be famous and he would have everything he wanted and also the means to be able to give his family anything they wanted.


Though, there was one thing that Archie could not give his loved ones, and that was time itself.  It seemed that bearing his children and taking care of them while he was out making a living took its toll on Kate.  She was now feeling the effects of aging, and was often left trying to catch up on her energy.

Though, that didn’t stop her at all in taking care of her children, and in fact she loved them now more than ever.  She often enjoyed playing with them when she could.  Kate also helped Zed in learning how to use the potty, walk, and talk.  Things were always busy in the McArches household, but she couldn’t think of anywhere else she would rather be.


Whenever Kate had a little bit of time to herself, she often found herself painting.  There were many beautiful things in life, and she did her best to capture them.  Though, she was a little saddened that someday her time would come, and she would have to leave all of this behind.


Yet there were still some beautiful days ahead of Kate, and for the whole McArches family. Though, the passing of time, her greatest enemy, was also her best friend as she fondly got to watch her children grow up before her very own eyes.

Chapter 5 >>>