Prologue: Archie’s Origins

All stories must begin somewhere.  The inspiring and moving story of the McArches legacy starts here, on this farm.


The observant reader might notice that there is an abundance of hay, yet there are no animals present on this farm.  This was on someone else’s mind as well…


Christina, mother to Archie McArches, was trying to figure out what to do with all of their excess hay.  For you see, all of their llamas died from an outbreak of the Llama Flu, killing off the McArches’ main source of income.  They would now have to rely only on what produce they could grow.  Though, enough of that and back to the story!


There in the field is young Archie arguing again with his father, Howard.  About what you ask?  Simply put, Archie does not want to be a farmer when he grows up because he wants live in the city.  Farm life doesn’t suit him because it is long, hard, and dirty work, which yields little reward in his eyes.

When he was not helping on the farm or doing his homework, Archie could be found playing video games where he could freely explore and stomp around in virtual cities.  Who cared if they were fake?


Cities were glamorous with all of their amazing sights to see, pretty lights, and most importantly, action.  Living in the city would become an obsession for Archie, as the idea was always drawing him in.  The city was the flame and he was the moth.  This fascination would only become more intense throughout his teenage years.


On his last birthday, Archie recieved a gift from his grandfather Zed.  The gift was a brand new radio, and it was one of the best gifts he had ever recieved!  Little did he know, it would be this same grandfather that would be the key he needed to someday escape life on the farm.  That chain of events would be put into motion sooner than anyone could have realised.


It had only been a few weeks since Archie’s birthday, when his mother got a letter in the mail one night.  The letter brought with it terrible news. Christina’s father, Zed Marlin, had died.


As she read the letter, she could not fight back the tears that were welling up.  Her father had been sick for a while now, and she knew his time was coming, but this was too soon!  A few weeks after Zed’s death two things showed up.  The first to arrive was a copy of his last will and testament. 

In the will he had left a bit of money for Christina, but the rest of his money was to be donated to charity.  Surprisingly, something was also left for Archie!  He was to recieve, upon coming of age, the deed to a large plot of land in a place called Sunset Valley.  The place was a large empty lot that was supposed to have been transormed into a mall before Zed’s untimely demise, but now by an act of fate, it was Archie’s.

The second of the two things to arrive was Zed himself.  Well, sort of…


One night, after Archie was coming back from relaxing near the pond, he ran into an apparition.  It then started to speak to him, it was the ghost of Zed!  They talked until sun up, as there was a lot to share between the two of them.  In the course of the conversation, Zed told Archie that two paths laid ahead of him.

He could stay on this farm and live a nice and quiet life, or he could make his way to Sunset Valley.  If he left, he would struggle at first but he would have a good chance at becoming a larger than life icon and also to leave behind him a great legacy.  The name McArches could become world famous, and great things could be expected from it.

Archie said, with no doubt in his mind, that he was ready to leave and trek out in order to break the bonds that held him back.  Though, morning was approaching so Zed had to leave with one last farewell.  Zed fondly said that he had always felt a strong bond torwards Archie, such as that of a kindred spirit, and also that he wished him well and would await him on the other side eagerly to hear about the great things he had done.  No sooner was that said then he disappeared into a wisp of mist.


It was only a little while longer, but to what seemed like forever to Archie, the day arrived for him to make his way out into the world.  His parents were sad to see him go, but they knew that he could not be truly happy unless they let him go.  Though, that didn’t keep them from arguing whether they should try to stop him, even as he was leaving in the taxi.

Sadly for them, this was the last time they would ever see their son.  The only thing they would have left would be the memories, childhood keepsakes and the occasional letter in their mail box.  Though, Archie would miss them as he lived out his dreams and aspired torwards great things.  His story was truly only starting as his old one was ending.

Chapter 1 >>>


8 Responses to Prologue: Archie’s Origins

  1. poptartsicle says:

    This is so good! I can see the similarities that you mentioned, but I think its definitely different enough. I love the last shot with the parents arguing, and how you mentioned the fact that they would never see their son again. It’s kind of a sad truth that you don’t really think about until its mentioned.

    Can’t wait to see the first chapter!

  2. mariafulmer says:

    Very well written prologue, can’t wait to see what’s in store for Archie!

  3. C says:

    A good start, and good writing as well. Am just about to look through your other chapters (:

  4. hi :) says:

    ur a great writer lol

  5. malinahona says:

    Do you know what? I wish that Sims could write letters, so that your sim will open the mailbox, and it could say “Letter from …..” And your sim could write back, and that would keep them friends. I’ve always liked getting letters in the mail.

  6. nicandnathrock says:

    I really like your style of writing, this legacy is amazing!
    I hope you wouldn’t mind checking out mine+my best friends legacy?
    here’s the link;
    we’re just starting out, so there isn’t much.

  7. ExplorerKelsey says:

    Great so far can’t wait to read the next chapter

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