Chapter 4: Tides of Time

It seemed just like yesterday to Archie, that he was just sleeping on the bench in the park.  Though, he now had a wife, two sons, and a home to shelter them all.

He had done all of this, and he was quite pleased with himself.  Even though things were a lot better, Archie knew he still had a ways to go to fully accomplish his dreams.  The new additions to the house couldn’t be considered grand or majestic, but it was another step forward.


However, Archie decided that before he went about acquiring more in life, he would secure that which he already had.  He definitely didn’t want to worry about some burglar breaking in and harming his kids.  He decided it was time to invest some money in an alarm for the house.  While it wasn’t cheap, he knew it would definitely be worth the investment to protect his beloved family and all that he worked to achieve.


When he had it installed, he quickly set to work on learning how to use it.  It was then that he felt better about the security of his and his family’s future. 


Though, one night while walking around his home making sure everything was secured, he looked in an saw Zed playing with his favorite bear.  That was Zed’s favorite toy, but it was his only real toy.  With this in mind, Archie couldn’t help but frown, and it was then he resolved that he would try and to provide better things for his family.


Archie would often stay up late at the theatre, playing for as long as he could in hopes to scrape those extra tips from the people passing by.  While he was popular, he was still a ways off from being famous, but this was the best way in his mind to make a living.  He knew someday he would be famous and he would have everything he wanted and also the means to be able to give his family anything they wanted.


Though, there was one thing that Archie could not give his loved ones, and that was time itself.  It seemed that bearing his children and taking care of them while he was out making a living took its toll on Kate.  She was now feeling the effects of aging, and was often left trying to catch up on her energy.

Though, that didn’t stop her at all in taking care of her children, and in fact she loved them now more than ever.  She often enjoyed playing with them when she could.  Kate also helped Zed in learning how to use the potty, walk, and talk.  Things were always busy in the McArches household, but she couldn’t think of anywhere else she would rather be.


Whenever Kate had a little bit of time to herself, she often found herself painting.  There were many beautiful things in life, and she did her best to capture them.  Though, she was a little saddened that someday her time would come, and she would have to leave all of this behind.


Yet there were still some beautiful days ahead of Kate, and for the whole McArches family. Though, the passing of time, her greatest enemy, was also her best friend as she fondly got to watch her children grow up before her very own eyes.

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3 Responses to Chapter 4: Tides of Time

  1. Rusalka says:

    Awh, very sweet chapter. :-)


    • xelen says:

      Thank you. I’ve been following your blog as well. Hopefully, Dawn will win the vote for this next generation. It’ll be fun if things get stirred up a little bit :)

  2. Alida says:

    Don’t you hate in when you marry in a Sim only to find out they’re like two days away from elder? :D I can’t count how many times that’s happened to me.

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