Chapter 5: First Departed

Atop the hilltop, the McArches house sat as quiet and peaceful as always.  All was well and everything was perfect, but that couldn’t last forever.

C5 Tranquility

Stormy clouds were arriving from over the horizon to loom over the McArches, casting a foreboding darkness over the family.  However, unlike the coast with its lighthouse atop the rocks, the McArches would have no guiding light.  They would just have to endure the best that they could.

The first troubling event was one day while Archie was playing in the park for some extra tips and entertaining his fans.  In the middle of his show came none other than the collector of souls, the Grim Reaper.

C5 Collector

Archie had never seen anyone pass away before, even though he had met the ghost of his grandfather when he was a child.  He watched in horror along with everyone else as the Reaper extended his spindly arm torwards the unfortunate guy, declaring his time had come.

Archie was left with the chills from just merely watching.  He definitely wasn’t looking forward to the day he himself would be having this inevitable meeting with the Reaper someday.

C5 Insane

However, as strong as the moment was, it would soon leave Archie’s mind.  He had other worries on his mind.  Sometimes, his oldest son could be heard talking to an unseen someone and sometimes even arguing.  Who could Zed possibly be arguing with, and was this just some strange part of teenage years?

The youngest son, Arthur, seemed to have grown into a fine enough teen, but sometimes he just made Archie feel uncomfortable.  What was it that was in Arthurs eyes? There was no way to describe it other than like a spark, but it left you feeling cold and vulnerable instead of warm. 

However, neither Archie or Kate had never seen anything that made them love either of their sons any less, and that was that.  Someday they would make them both proud.

C5 Captivation

It was a good thing that there was love among the family, because soon they would need it more than ever.  The darkest of the events was soon to come to passing.  The Grim Reaper would be visiting again, but this time it would be one of their own that he would be taking with him.

C5 Departure

Kate’s time came one day while Archie was out and the boys were in school.  She was alone as her soul was carried away by the Collector and unable to give one last farewell.  It would be when everyone started arriving home, that the mourning and pain would truly begin.

The hardest hit of course was Archie.  When he got home, he coped the best way that he knew how; music.  Archie played for hours on end, it was his final farewell to the love of his life.  Play and play he did as he poured his heart and soul into his music, trying to ward off the anguish.

C5 Agony

As his music played on, a strange thing happned.  It seemed as if the whole world was wailing with him as he wailed upon his strings.  First to join was the distant screaming sirens, then the far off crying wolves, next was the wind howling around the house.  Yes, they and all of the world was wailing along with Archie.  Wailing in anguish for the dear departed.

Kate’s ghost watched silently in sorrow at the pain her departure had caused the ones she loved.  Though, she knew that someday they would all be re-united, but for now she would have to count on that the love and joy they once shared would far outweigh the pain.  About that she was correct, they would each make their peace and life would slowly go back to as normal as it could be.

C5 Brothers

Time had ran out for their mother, and someday not too far off it would for their father too.  As for the brothers, manhood was just right around the corner.  It was then that they decided it was time to start talking more seriously about the next steps in their lives. 

Their time to shine was almost upon them.  Who would they become?  Would they leave this world with as much grace as had their mother?  Would they become great and larger than life like their father?  Would they achieve something else altogether?

Chapter 6 >>>


One Response to Chapter 5: First Departed

  1. Dan says:

    I just started reading, but I wanted to comment now that I love your writing style, it makes me really love and care for your characters. Poor family!

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