Chapter 6: Chain of Command

It was one day while Zed and Archie were sitting down for a small and quick lunch that Archie had some surprising news.  He explained that after Kate’s death he had been working on a project in secret.  He had finally finished it and was now ready to share it with the brothers.

C6 Family Secrets

That project was a book named the Command of Scion, a book that was to be passed down from generation to generation.  In fact the book was sitting right there on the table.  Archie further explained to Zed that the book was a collection of knowledge and instructions for future generations.  Also, by following the books guidelines the family would be able to use it as a stepping stone to build upon in order to achieve excellence.  Furthermore, the books existence and contents were to be a secret closely guarded by the family at all costs.

It was after Archie divulged about the book and its importance that he shared the next bit of news.  He was getting up in age and his time was almost upon him.  Therefore, it would be Zed who would take over the reins and lead the family in its next steps forward.  It would be up to him to look after his younger brother, to create another generation for the family, and to take council from the Command of Scion. 

That was a great moment for Zed, he would be boss now.  Though, a great burden was now placed on him as he now had large expectations to live up to.  But for now it would happen one step at a time, beginning with the brothers reading the curious book.

C6 Brothers Scion

As soon as copies of the book were given to them, they read in awe at what was contained within the pages .  Archie’s dream and plan envisioned was both grandeur and arduous.  Yet, it all made sense and left the brothers with a sense of purpose and pride.  How had Archie come up with this master plan?

Their task ahead of them it turned out would be a straight forward one.  The duty left to them was to build up a wealth that would be required for the future endeavors given by the book.  Though, that didn’t mean that their charge was any less important, in fact it was the most important because it served as a foundation for everything else.  The brothers were next in the chain of command, and their time was now.

Though, this left Zed in an interesting predicament.  He had just finished school and would need to find a way to start acquiring the money, and he still had no idea how to go about it.  He was very athletic, but he never could keep his head in the game and knew he wouldn’t be able to thrive and become a star athlete.  He knew he definitely wasn’t meant for the sit in an office kind of job, so what did that leave him?  It was time to start searching around.

C6 Zed Career

Finally, Zed found an ad to help work on and restore an old warehouse.  It also promised that there would be a partnership in the business afterwords.  He was a little doubtful, but he figured he would go and check it out.  This could be the opportunity that he was looking for.

When he arrived, it wasn’t quite at all what he was expecting.  It took Zed a while to locate the rear entrance, and when he got inside he was surprised.  It turned out that the business wasn’t exactly legit and had a lot of underhanded deals.  However, if he were to join ranks and prove his worth, there was definitely a large amount of wealth that could be acquired for the determined individual.

At first Zed was resistant to the offer, but they saw great potential in him and assured him that he wouldn’t have to hurt anyone.  After some consideration and a lack of better alternatives, he decided that he would join their ranks.  It probably wasn’t what Archie had in mind exactly, but it would work.

C6 Visit

That night while Zed was sleeping, the ghost of his mother came to visit him.  She looked upon his sleeping figure saddened at what he had signed up for.  Though, she knew he meant well and left his side wishing the best for him.

C6 History

Meanwhile, Arthur was out at the community cemetary.  His purpose there was to look for the markings of other great families of their time to research later.  He figured by understanding the previous greats, he might be able to further understand at how to achieve those things himself someday.  After taking a look around and finding what he needed, he stopped by an eerie looking statue on the way out.

C6 Reaper

It seemed as if the statue itself was the grim reaper himself, frozen in time and stone.  As if at any moment it might come alive and take with him the unfortunate soul that dare challenge him.  With this thought, Arthur gave a cold and twisted grin as he turned away to head back home.  After all, it was after curfew and he definitely didn’t want the police poking around into his business in the cemetary.  There was much work to be done still for the brothers.  What paths lay ahead of them, and will their futures be full of dark deeds?

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2 Responses to Chapter 6: Chain of Command

  1. dsbgdsg says:

    cold and twisted grin…?

  2. Alida says:

    I sense an evil trait coming on… I love your writing, it’s nice and breif, without robbing us of the interesting facts.

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