Chapter 7: Expanding

It wasn’t much longer before Arthur became an adult, and was he glad to finally be done with school.  Now he could focus on finding himself a career to make money, he liked money and luxury.  He was definitely going to enjoy doing his part of the Command of Scion.

C7 Following Ranks

Arthur got to talking to Zed about his job one day, and Arthur needed no  further convincing other than that to join.  In fact he was really excited and determined to be in the ranks amongst the criminals, much like a family away from home.  So the next time that Zed went to work, Arthur came with him and passed with flying colors the interview with the boss .  He was one of them now.

C7 Training

Arthur immediately began training at home on the treadmill that Zed had been using.  They both took their job seriously, as well as of course their training.

While Zed may have been the first to grow up and find himself a career, it would be Arthur who would be first to propose to a girl.  Her name was Regina, a handy worker who had caught his eye when she came to fix their dishwasher.

C7 Pleasure

Though, Zed also met a repair technician, and he too was succesful in securing an engagement.  Her name was Rebekah, and he would be the first of the two brothers to marry.  It would be important to create another generation of McArches, and now both brothers had that option open to them.

C7 RightBehind

The family was growing fast, and the current house would not be able to support its new additions.  Nor would it be able to accept the new children that would someday be running through its rooms, not without insanity anyway.

It would be that and the fact that they were getting sick and tired of the current house, that work on a large expansion along with redecorating would happen.   A good §20,000 later, the house would double in size, with the additions of a new kitchen, a master bedroom, another full bathroom, and a study area.  Not to mention the house was a lot nicer on the eyes than it had been previously.

C7 Renovations

There would be plenty of room and comfort for the current inhabitants and future ones until the time came for rebuilding arrived someday.  Though, one of the nicest features of the new house was a large kitchen with an island counter to act as a bar for eating.

C7 Kitchen

Even though the bar was a popular choice and inspired many to visit, it couldn’t help your pleasure if you were a terrible cook.   But with the exception of a few culinary tragedies, it would be one of the most enjoyable locations of the house.

However, even with five people living under its roof, the house would often be quiet.  Too quiet.  How much longer would it take before there were children running through its halls yelling and laughing?

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