Chapter 8: New and Old

It wouldn’t be very long before the first addition to the new McArches family and house came along.  In fact, it came so suddenly that it was a big surprise when the time came.

C8 Labor

There was a little panic at first, well actually a great deal of panic.  Though, everyone was able to come to their senses.  Well, almost.  As Zed was leaving with Kate to take her to the hospital, he started having an argument with absolutely no one.  She was left standing there, confused to what had suddenly flared up in her husband, and she was forced to give birth right there on the front lawn.

C8 Confusion

Zed’s and Rebekah’s first child was a son, which is what they both wanted.  His name was Mordred, and he had an interesting life ahead of him to say none the less.  Though, for now he would only have to worry about the things that babies have to worry about, and enjoy the love from the rest of the family.  Well, most of the family.  Every now and then his uncle Arthur would steal his candy before holding him and putting him back in his crib, it was a love-hate relationship.

It was in with the new, but it wouldn’t be much longer before it was out with the old.  The Grim Reaper made a visit upon the household one day while the brothers were at work.

C8 Mercy

The reaper told Archie that his time had finally come, and he would be coming with him now.  Though, the women watched in horror as Archie begged for even just a few more days time so that he could be there for his grandson’s first birthday.  The reaper of course took no pity and sent Archie’s soul off to wherever it is that a sim’s soul goes to rest.

Even though Archie had already been sent off, the reaper decided to stick around and enjoy the comforts of the home while he waited for the time to go claim his next victim.  He just sat there reading his newspaper on the couch, while everyone else’s hair stood on end.  The reaper seemed to sense that his presence was causing unease with his hosts, so he called Rebekah over.

C8 Waiting

When Rebekah got there, she just stood there trembling.  The reaper then told her that even though he had to take from them a dear family member of theirs, he could also give them something.  Knowledge.  For you see, apparently the reaper knows quite a bit about dental hygiene, and that’s what they talked about for the next half hour or so before he had to leave.  It was a strange encounter needless to say.

C8 Dental

But that didn’t ease the sorrow that was left with them all.  It would be days before they could even for a second stop thinking about the loss of the wonderful man who had given them everything. 

They hoped Archie was happy wherever it was that he was, and that hopefully he was with his love, Kate.  Though, life went on and they had their jobs to do.  They would make Archie proud.  Though, for now they would have to live on their lives in happiness, and someday they could rejoin him.  Goodbye for now Archie.

To be continued…


9 Responses to Chapter 8: New and Old

  1. hi :) says:

    i love your Legacy its inspired me to do my own one! :) xx

  2. Claire Monstur says:

    Haha wonderous chapter! I hope my legacy will turn out as rawrsum as urs. And did you select short lives for ur sims in the options menu, because their lives went by in a snap :)

  3. Eriugamnoiff says:

    WOW!!! I love your legacy. It’s grate thay you have made it into a proper story and not just listing everything thats happend like some people do. I can’t wait for the next chapter, I hope I can get my legacy to sound as good as this.

  4. ♥mmia says:

    Lovedd It. CANNOT wait for the nexxt chapp ,
    mia x

  5. galatea0 says:

    Loving the story, want to know what happens next. Hope you can de-hiatus soon. :)

  6. Jack says:

    Awesome story when the next one

  7. Hello says:

    More plese!:)

  8. ExplorerKelsey says:

    Can’t wait for the next chapter

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