Legacy’s Future: Update!!

Okay, so sometime a while back, I got bored of just the base game as there really wasn’t much for me to do to develop the story.  I got bored and was waiting for the World Adventures update to go ahead and start my legacy back up.  I had some pretty cool plans for my story to progress with some of the content.

Well… I lost my legacy’s save files way back when the game corrupted while trying to update.  I ended up not going through the steps to recover it because I was frustrated with the game and EA, long story.  Basically, I ended up not wanting to restart my Legacy because it was going to be tedious trying to replay it to my satisfaction and I still didn’t find there was much to do other than the occasional vacation on top of the base game.

Several expansions later, I am once again getting the itch to re-start my legacy and bring it to the full glory that it was meant to become.  I am still not a 100% sure that I will be starting over, but it is looking far more likely than it has in the past.  Currently, I am working on an unplayed version of Sunset Valley to spice up a few of the areas around town and to bring in more expansion content.  I am hoping this will improve overall gameplay and give me more opportunities for different things and focuses to include in my possible upcoming legacy.

If I do indeed do this it will be with a focus on the story and not so much on the legacy challenge itself.  I feel that the rules were often too restrictive as in they take up too much time driving for the points instead of focusing on dynamics of the family, don’t encourage characters with flaws and only offered limited story arcs for conflict.  However, I will still be playing without cheats and doing at least several generations to still qualify as a legacy.  There will not be tracking of achievement points, thus affording me some certain allowances which were not available before due to the challenge’s rules.  It will be a legacy story instead of a challenge, basically.

I will let you all know here soon, hopefully, what I will be doing and if I shall be making a return.  I hope to, but am not sure what will be possible between my work, school and other factors in my life.  None the less, I hope to see you all soon, and please keep an eye on my blog if you like my writing style in my previous unfinished legacy and may be interested in a new one. Stay tuned!



“Will you be keeping an eye on my blog for the possible new legacy?  Please, let me know!”


One Response to Legacy’s Future: Update!!

  1. nicandnathrock says:

    amazing legacy!
    mind reading this please:’)+leaving a comment:)
    it’s a sims 3 isbi legacy:)

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