Chapter 3: Seeds to a Legacy

July 2, 2009

With the baby on the way, the McArches were busy preparing for their new addition to the family.  They already had some names chosen for when the baby was born.  Though, even after all their preparation, Archie couldn’t help but be anxious when the time finally came.

C3 - It's time!

Though, they were able to get to the hospital where the baby was delivered healthy and without complications.  On the way out, one of Archie’s fans stopped him to say hello.  Archie was so excited that he recounted the events and shared his excitement about their newly born baby boy, Zed.

C3 - Excitement

Archie also explained how they had named the baby in honor of his grandfather, who had made all of this possible.  The fan listened in awe at the whole story, and was amazed that she was able to share in one of her favorite celebrities’ most glorious moments.  Archie liked connecting with his fans, but now it was finally time to bring the baby home for the first time.

C3 - Home Arrival

Kate had to take Zed back to the house by herself, because it was already time for Archie to go to work.  This being her first child she was still feeling unsure about the whole ordeal, and she wondered what kind of life she would be able to provide for her child.

C3 - Warm Welcome

Why, a loving one of course!  With the baby cuddled against her, some of her doubts soon began to fade.  She had Archie to take care of them, and she just knew that he wouldn’t fail them.  Things would be more exciting around the house, but she was soon feeling confident enough for another kid!

So, they tried for another baby, and shortly after she found out that she was pregnant again.  Though, it was a little tiring raising their baby while she was pregnant, and she was always feeling sore.  But, the days passed by uneventfully for the most part, with the only significant events being Archie’s promotions.  Until one day… while cooking dinner, Kate had managed to set the stove on fire!

She knew that their house could not burn down, and her baby in the next room could not become in danger because of her mistake!  A transformation occurred within her, which Archie witnessed, completely stunning him. 

C3 - Fire!

Summoning courage from deep within herself, she bravely put out the fire before any harm could come to anyone she loved.  It was a great victory for her, giving her a great sense of pride and confidence.  She could handle anything now!

Time had been passing by quickly, with Archie often at work trying to achieve his lifetime dream.  Though, he was still a good father to his children and helped take care of them when Kate was too exhausted.  When Zed’s birthday came along, they threw him a party to celebrate him officially becoming a toddler.

C3 - Zed Toddler

Things were getting more interesting around the house, as Kate now had to deal with the increasing demands and wants from growing Zed.  However, she loved him and had a lot of fun teaching him how to walk and to use the little potty they had bought for him.  It wouldn’t be long, before another bundle of joy would arrive.  While they both were hoping for a girl, it would be another boy they welcomed into their home.

C3 - Arthur

With two boys, Zed and Arthur, the seeds for a legacy were now sown.

What great things will they achieve in their lifetimes?  Will Archie ever make it to the top and become a world renowned rockstar?  What other surprises await the McArches?  Only time will tell…

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Chapter 2: On the Rise

June 29, 2009

Archie was becoming quite popular at the central park, and it wouldn’t be much longer before things started to fall into place for him.  He was quickly winning everyone’s hearts, and much to his amazement people were actually willing to give him money in order to help him along.

C2 - Contributions

These tips were his first simoleons he had ever earned by himself, and it felt good.  This wasn’t like working on the farm, where his work would be enjoyed by someone he would never meet, no this was personal and gratifying.  There are few joys such as playing the guitar and looking out to see gleeful faces.

He would put the money he earned to good use, buying himself a luxury he could not previously afford.  A bed.  He still couldn’t afford building materials for a house of any sort yet, but that was okay.

C2 - Starry Night

The first night in his bed was the best one he had in ages.  While laying there, he noticed just how enchanting the starry night sky was, and a wave of sudden ease washed over him.  He knew now that whatever was ahead of him would only get better and better, and with that thought he drifted off into an undisturbed slumber.

He woke up feeling glad he finally had a bed, but couldn’t help but to wonder how long it would be before he had a roof over his head.  Though, it wouldn’t be long; while the money had trickled in slowly before, it would now come pouring in.  He was becoming something of sorts like a local celebrity at the park, and the word was out.  The more people that came, the more that would donate to his cause.

C2 - Home, Almost.

Eventually, he would have enough money for an efficiency.  Though it wasn’t much to most people’s eyes, he was excited to finally have a roof over his head and relish in the other luxuries he had sacrificed.  It was home, almost.  Even though he had all of these things, he was still missing one piece crucial to the whole.  That missing piece would fall into place just as quickly as had everything else.

C2 - New Company

Her name was Kate Pistachio, one of his fans from the park, but when theirs eyes met, he was smitten.  She stayed behind one day after one of his performances, so he used that time to approach her.  They would quickly become close with one another, and it wasn’t long before they knew they were meant for each other.  Archie wasted no time after that, and one night he asked her if she would marry him, to which she excitedly agreed.

She moved in with him shortly afterwords.  Though, since she didn’t know her family and Archie’s couldn’t leave the farm, they decided to have a private wedding.  Their union passed by unnoticed for the most part in the rest of the town, but it was a grand and joyous step for the both of them.  Archie would now have someone to share his successes with, and now they would both be able to leave behind them a legacy lasting well beyond after their time had come.

Even though Archie had become a local celebrity and had found the love of his life, there was still one more door that needed opening.  His greatest aspiration was to one day become a world famous rockstar, but as of right now he was only known around Sunset Valley for his park performances.  He wanted to become world famous and get actual pay and recognition for his works.  That want too would also be answered one day while he was playing in the park.

C2 - Talent Scount

Her name was Zelda Mae, a talent scout for the nearby theater.  She told him that if he were to get a job at the theater, then perhaps he would have better chances of being recognized.  There would be opportunities available to him there that just weren’t while playing in the park, and of course he would be able to meet the people who might one day make him famous.

Eagerly, he agreed and went home to talk to Kate about it.  She encouraged him to follow up on Zelda’s offer, saying that the income was needed as well.  The next day, he found himself walking up to the theater doors looking to get himself a job where he could someday realize his dreams.

C2 - Job Hunt

Archie was feeling a little nervous at the door, but there was no turning back now as he might never get this chance again.  He walked in with nothing but hopes and dreams, but soon emerged with a job that would eventually lead him down a majestic road. 

C2 - Drawn Home

When he got home to tell his wife that he had gotten the job, he found her in a jovial mood.  She too had some great news to share.  While he was gone for his job interview, she had discovered that she was pregnant.  Needless to say he was surprised when she told him, but he knew he was ready.  Still a little shocked, he could only wonder what lay in store for them next.

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Chapter 1: New Horizons

June 26, 2009

Archie McArches had just left his childhood home in order to see the world and to fulfill his dreams.  His destination was none other than a small city named Sunset Valley, and it would be here that his new life would begin.

C1 - Home what home?

Before arriving at the lot he inherited from his grandfather, he had acquired two things; a make-over and a guitar.  He changed his looks so that he would blend in with the city locals, or so he thought.  The guitar he had bought so that he would have a way to make a living from something other than farming, and at least about that he was right.  After inspecting the lot and giving a few plucks on his guitar strings, he walked across the street to a large pond.

C1 - Dancing fish

It would be here that he would put his guitar skills to the test.  Though, there was only one problem with that as he didn’t have any to speak of.  Try as he might to play his best, it all just turned out horrific, but it would seem the fish didn’t think so.  Could they really be dancing?  Either way, he decided he would need to invest in some guitar lessons, now!

C1 - Guitar Lessons

When he arrived at the theater for his lessons, he noticed that most of the city people were not dressed at all how he expected them to.  In fact, most of them were dressed rather strangely or even like the people back home.  It would turn out that his make-over actually made him stand out.  Though, people didn’t really seem to mind his newfound looks for the most part, so he decided he would keep them.  He rather enjoyed his new look.

C1 - Not like home

After his lessons, he was starving, so he walked down to the nearby store to buy some food.  He bought a handfull of apples while there because they were cheap and one of his favorite foods.  At least until he bit into one of them, ick!  These didn’t taste nearly as great as the ones back home at the farm, and neither would much of the produce in the city he would quickly discover.  Though, one gets used to it after a while.

He was starting to get really sweaty and he needed a shower, but he didn’t own one yet.  However, a woman he talked to briefly tipped him off that there were showers he could use at the gym for free, and of course a toilet could be found there as well.  He made his way to the gym to use the facilities that he would end up using many times over the course of the next weeks.  That was okay though, you really couldn’t go wrong going there.  Unless of course, you were this guy…

C1 - Dummy at Gym

After a shower, Archie went to the park which he had passed along the way to the gym.  He noticed that there were numerous benches, and this was signifigant as he hadn’t been able to afford a bed yet.  He would be sleeping on these for a while as well.

The park itself would be his home for the next few weeks, and his routine would go something like this.  Wake up, go to gym to use the facilities, find a picnic so he could eat and socialize, practice on the guitar, sleep on bench, and repeat.

C1 - Bench for bed

However, Archie’s first night on the bench was the worst.  He couldn’t sleep, and all he could think about was what he was doing here and whether he should really be here.  Though, his conversation with Zed’s ghost a while ago came back to him.  He had been right, the first leg of his journey would be difficult.  Even though Archie was sleeping on a bench for now, if he quit then his dreams would be sleeping on a bench forever, and he wouldn’t have that.  It was with this realization and also his inner ambition that he helped him to press on.

C1 - Finally

Most of his day was spent practicing the guitar, for he knew he must master it to succeed.  Though, he must have been making good progress, because it wasn’t long before people were stopping to watch him play.  This alone made him happier than he had been in a while, giving him a renewed energy and sense of hope.  He decided to take a small break one day and just breathe, so he walked down to the nearby beach for the first time.

C1 - Horizons

He had never been to a beach before, but it was so beautiful and peaceful.  While there, he reflected on his life thus far and on where it was going.  What new horizons will Archie see and journey torwards next?

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Prologue: Archie’s Origins

June 25, 2009

All stories must begin somewhere.  The inspiring and moving story of the McArches legacy starts here, on this farm.


The observant reader might notice that there is an abundance of hay, yet there are no animals present on this farm.  This was on someone else’s mind as well…


Christina, mother to Archie McArches, was trying to figure out what to do with all of their excess hay.  For you see, all of their llamas died from an outbreak of the Llama Flu, killing off the McArches’ main source of income.  They would now have to rely only on what produce they could grow.  Though, enough of that and back to the story!


There in the field is young Archie arguing again with his father, Howard.  About what you ask?  Simply put, Archie does not want to be a farmer when he grows up because he wants live in the city.  Farm life doesn’t suit him because it is long, hard, and dirty work, which yields little reward in his eyes.

When he was not helping on the farm or doing his homework, Archie could be found playing video games where he could freely explore and stomp around in virtual cities.  Who cared if they were fake?


Cities were glamorous with all of their amazing sights to see, pretty lights, and most importantly, action.  Living in the city would become an obsession for Archie, as the idea was always drawing him in.  The city was the flame and he was the moth.  This fascination would only become more intense throughout his teenage years.


On his last birthday, Archie recieved a gift from his grandfather Zed.  The gift was a brand new radio, and it was one of the best gifts he had ever recieved!  Little did he know, it would be this same grandfather that would be the key he needed to someday escape life on the farm.  That chain of events would be put into motion sooner than anyone could have realised.


It had only been a few weeks since Archie’s birthday, when his mother got a letter in the mail one night.  The letter brought with it terrible news. Christina’s father, Zed Marlin, had died.


As she read the letter, she could not fight back the tears that were welling up.  Her father had been sick for a while now, and she knew his time was coming, but this was too soon!  A few weeks after Zed’s death two things showed up.  The first to arrive was a copy of his last will and testament. 

In the will he had left a bit of money for Christina, but the rest of his money was to be donated to charity.  Surprisingly, something was also left for Archie!  He was to recieve, upon coming of age, the deed to a large plot of land in a place called Sunset Valley.  The place was a large empty lot that was supposed to have been transormed into a mall before Zed’s untimely demise, but now by an act of fate, it was Archie’s.

The second of the two things to arrive was Zed himself.  Well, sort of…


One night, after Archie was coming back from relaxing near the pond, he ran into an apparition.  It then started to speak to him, it was the ghost of Zed!  They talked until sun up, as there was a lot to share between the two of them.  In the course of the conversation, Zed told Archie that two paths laid ahead of him.

He could stay on this farm and live a nice and quiet life, or he could make his way to Sunset Valley.  If he left, he would struggle at first but he would have a good chance at becoming a larger than life icon and also to leave behind him a great legacy.  The name McArches could become world famous, and great things could be expected from it.

Archie said, with no doubt in his mind, that he was ready to leave and trek out in order to break the bonds that held him back.  Though, morning was approaching so Zed had to leave with one last farewell.  Zed fondly said that he had always felt a strong bond torwards Archie, such as that of a kindred spirit, and also that he wished him well and would await him on the other side eagerly to hear about the great things he had done.  No sooner was that said then he disappeared into a wisp of mist.


It was only a little while longer, but to what seemed like forever to Archie, the day arrived for him to make his way out into the world.  His parents were sad to see him go, but they knew that he could not be truly happy unless they let him go.  Though, that didn’t keep them from arguing whether they should try to stop him, even as he was leaving in the taxi.

Sadly for them, this was the last time they would ever see their son.  The only thing they would have left would be the memories, childhood keepsakes and the occasional letter in their mail box.  Though, Archie would miss them as he lived out his dreams and aspired torwards great things.  His story was truly only starting as his old one was ending.

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McArches Legacy

June 24, 2009

Welcome to the McArches Legacy Story for the Sims 3.

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